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Covid19 impact on cm

COVID-19 Impact on Configuration Management

The results The results of the COVID-19 Impact on Configuration Management Survey are in. The survey received 35 responses. Thank you for your participation. The responses came from people representing various industries:…
More is more

More is More: Make every Change count!

Joe Barkai (make sure you regularly check his blog for some insightful articles) published the article “How Many ECOs are Preventable?” where he states: Fundamentally, ECOs reflect errors in requirements…
doing the right thing

Doing the Right Thing

Recently several articles and discussions have taken place on the topic of the ROI of PLM and why it is so hard to sell PLM: 30 January 2020: PLM Myths…
interchangeable or not2

It’s about Interchangeability and Traceability

It’s about Interchangeability & Traceability On 6 February 2020 Oleg Shilovitsky posted the article: What Should Trigger BOM Revision? Where he wrote:  “The best advice I ever heard is “don’t…


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