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Applying AI/ML to Configuration Management

Aras CTO Rob McAveney presented the Aras Vision on Wednesday 11 November 2020 at the Aras Digital 2020 – Europe virtual event. During the Q&A he explained that AI/ML (artificial intelligence and machine learning) would change the way we do Impact Analysis. We either had the same ideas or Aras really listens when good ideas are shared.  A little over a year ago I created the picture in the header as part of… Read More »Applying AI/ML to Configuration Management

Fail Fast, Ask Questions Later

I recently watched Joseph Anderson (President of the Institute for Process Excellence (IpX)) as the featured guest on Joe Hage’s MDG Premium on the topic of “The state of quality in medical devices.” Joseph mentioned the “Fail Fast/Fix-it Fast” mentality as a key driver of quality issues. This inspired me to write this blog post. Joseph said the following during the webinar (modified from transcript and audio to be usable… Read More »Fail Fast, Ask Questions Later

Let’s create our own Butterfly Effect

On 10 September 2020 I gave a full day of lectures and workshops on Configuration Management for the Minor Factory of the Future from Avans University of applied sciences at the Brainport Industries Campus in Eindhoven (The Netherlands). I had a lot of fun doing this, but I was also impressed by the students ability to stay engaged during some hardcore CM topics like identification, the change process, impact analysis and re-identification. Of course we also did the CM Game. During… Read More »Let’s create our own Butterfly Effect

Configuration Management done right = Product Centric

I recently posted a poll on LinkedIn,  triggered by a question from Rob Ferrone on LinkedIn: Is Config Management compatible with a Product Thinking approach?, I was curious how my network would respond to the question to choose one of the following 2 statements: A: Managing configurations is executing the change process. B: The change process is a capability to manage configurations. The statements are not about right or wrong,… Read More »Configuration Management done right = Product Centric

COVID-19 Impact on Configuration Management

The results The results of the COVID-19 Impact on Configuration Management Survey are in. The survey received 35 responses. Thank you for your participation. The responses came from people representing various industries: And as expected some, about a third of the companies, have felt the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic to their Configuration Management processes and ways of working.  On the question: How would you characterize your pre-COVID-19 CM Implementation? CM Implementation… Read More »COVID-19 Impact on Configuration Management

COVID-19 Impact on Configuration Management Survey

Please take a couple of minutes to fill in this survey. It is a brief survey with max 10 questions to understand the impact of COVID-19 on Configuration Management processes/procedures/ways of working as implemented in your company. The results will be shared on this website ( You will remain anonymous, you do not need to share your email address, name or phone number. Go to survey here. Thank you. Martijn

Where does the deliverable begin and where does it end?

Planning of changes in a Model Based Enterprise. Let me first say that I do see the benefits of the Model Based Enterprise (MBE) and that modeling information is also very valuable from a CM perspective. Think of improved impact analysis capabilities to support the expert domain specific and cross expert domain impact analysis as shown in the picture below. (See also the following posts: We need a cross-platform interface for impact analysis! and CM2:… Read More »Where does the deliverable begin and where does it end?

More is more

More is More: Make every Change count!

Joe Barkai (make sure you regularly check his blog for some insightful articles) published the article “How Many ECOs are Preventable?” where he states: Fundamentally, ECOs reflect errors in requirements definition, design or manufacturing. They represent waste in the product development process. ECOs are disruptive and resource intensive, and mature organizations should make an effort to minimize the frequency and impact of ECOs. In this context ECOs are defined as:… Read More »More is More: Make every Change count!

Doing the right thing

Doing the Right Thing

Recently several articles and discussions have taken place on the topic of the ROI of PLM and why it is so hard to sell PLM: 30 January 2020: PLM Myths and Business Reality by Oleg Shilovitsky 26 January 2020: The Myth-perception by Jos Voskuil 22 January 2020: PLM Circa 2020 – How To Stop Selling Myths? by Oleg Shilovitsky 19 January 2020: The PLM ROI Myth by Jos Voskuil 27 January 2015, but re-posted… Read More »Doing the Right Thing

It’s about Interchangeability and Traceability

It’s about Interchangeability & Traceability On 6 February 2020 Oleg Shilovitsky posted the article: What Should Trigger BOM Revision? Where he wrote:  “The best advice I ever heard is “don’t revise the ship when you revise the toilet seat”. It says all you need to know. But the devil is in details.” AND “To change the upper assembly revision or not, this is a question. The rule I recommend you… Read More »It’s about Interchangeability and Traceability