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Enterprise CM as foundation for a Lean & Agile business

Enterprise CM as foundation for a Lean & Agile business To be lean/agile, you need to be able to rely on well defined processes that people can adhere to, which leads to consistent quality documentation (and I do not mean comprehensive documentation), leading to quality products that required zero to minor corrective actions (read waste) to come to be. This is exactly what enterprise configuration management like CM2 will bring a business.… Read More »Enterprise CM as foundation for a Lean & Agile business

CM is fun

CM is fun Stay tuned for a big announcement end of August 2019 CM is actually a lot of fun For some reason a lot of people perceive Configuration Management as boring,  a lot of administrative bureaucracy, very paper/document oriented, an innovation killer, and a lot of other things which are very well depicted by the man in front of the filing cabinets. This image is what prevents people from… Read More »CM is fun

A Glimpse into the future of CM – #3

A Glimpse into the future of CM – #3 Part 3: Types of models from a configuration management perspective. In a Glimpse into the future of CM – Part 1 [1,2] the Industry 4.0 Committee of the Integrated Process Excellence (IPX) Congress concluded that a Model is not the same as a Dataset as defined by CM2. The Industry 4.0 Committee defined a model as: a digital graphical, conceptual, mathematical, logical and/or physical… Read More »A Glimpse into the future of CM – #3

A Glimpse into the future of CM – #2

Part 2: How to structure the various types of models and datasets? It is no secret that product complexity keeps increasing and with that the number of dependencies increases as well. Not only product complexity also supply chain complexity increases. So how can you ensure that all information for a product/platform is captured and structured in such a way that it facilitates the change process efficiently and effectively? It all… Read More »A Glimpse into the future of CM – #2

A Glimpse into the Future of CM

Part 1: How do model-based approaches impact Configuration Management? Have you noticed that the speed of advancements in technology is rapidly increasing? Have you thought about the impact of these advancements to Configuration Management (CM)? To date, the biggest impact to CM was going from paper based document to a digital document, where the document was still recognizable as a document. Now with Industry 4.0 and (Industrial) Internet of Things the drive and… Read More »A Glimpse into the Future of CM


Re-Identification In my previous article on Impact analysis, I talked about how important good change impact analysis is and how to facilitate this. One of the critical elements of facilitating a good change impact analysis is Re-identification. Even though the term might suggest this, re-identification is not about changing the ID of an existing item. When you say you need to re-identify an item, basically it means that either the… Read More »Re-Identification

The True Impact of Industry 4.0 Revealed

Industry 4.0 or Industrie 4.0 was introduced by the German government to promote their manufacturing industry and is often used interchangeably with Internet of Things (IOT) or more specifically Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT). When asked in an online survey [1], 70% of the 60 respondents indicated that they knew what Industry 4.0 or the 4th Industrial revolution was. And when asked which Industry 4.0 initiatives their company is working… Read More »The True Impact of Industry 4.0 Revealed

Impact of Additive Manufacturing on CM

Impact of Additive Manufacturing on CM I found a really interesting article being shared on LinkedIn: An Epiphany Of Disruption: GE Additive Chief Explains How 3D Printing Will Upend Manufacturing [1], which I advise you to read if you are interested in the potential of additive manufacturing. It contains the following quote that got me thinking: Within 18 months, the team was able to print half of the machine, reducing 900 separate… Read More »Impact of Additive Manufacturing on CM

Impact Analysis

Impact Analysis It is my belief that one of the most critical steps of the change process is the impact analysis. A good impact analysis can make the difference between profit and loss. Most companies use the item hierarchy, product structure, or bill of material to help determine the impact of a change. However it is not as simple as that, especially with the trend of ever increasing complexity of… Read More »Impact Analysis