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HELP!!! Parts, Documents, Data & Revisions

Already some time ago (early 2020) the article Has FFF Killed? from Yoann Maingon has generated a lot of discussion, already 100+ comments and counting. It is clear there is a lot of opinions about how to deal with changes to parts, whether parts have revisions or not, and how PLM tools should deal with this. So what better way to start they new year, with a blog post on… Read More »HELP!!! Parts, Documents, Data & Revisions

Where does the deliverable begin and where does it end?

Planning of changes in a Model Based Enterprise. Let me first say that I do see the benefits of the Model Based Enterprise (MBE) and that modeling information is also very valuable from a CM perspective. Think of improved impact analysis capabilities to support the expert domain specific and cross expert domain impact analysis as shown in the picture below. (See also the following posts: We need a cross-platform interface for impact analysis! and CM2:… Read More »Where does the deliverable begin and where does it end?

Impact of Additive Manufacturing on CM

Impact of Additive Manufacturing on CM I found a really interesting article being shared on LinkedIn: An Epiphany Of Disruption: GE Additive Chief Explains How 3D Printing Will Upend Manufacturing [1], which I advise you to read if you are interested in the potential of additive manufacturing. It contains the following quote that got me thinking: Within 18 months, the team was able to print half of the machine, reducing 900 separate… Read More »Impact of Additive Manufacturing on CM