What is the configuration when the product has an AI?

In my previous article, I wrote about Export Control and Machine Learning, where it can be very difficult to determine how Export Rules apply in complex cases like Federated Learning. This series of articles was triggered by the excellent podcast ‘Maintaining the Physics Model within AI & ML’ Pt1 and Pt2 by Arnaud Hubaux from ASML and Max Gravel from IpX and the video from Arnaud on Taming the AI Demon to sustain innovation.  This article will explore the question: What is the configuration of… Read More »What is the configuration when the product has an AI?

Export Control and Machine Learning (ML)

Arnaud Hubaux from ASML and Max Gravel from IpX talk about ‘Maintaining the Physics Model within AI & ML’ in this excellent 2 part Podcast: Pt1 and Pt2 In another video, Arnaud shares his thoughts on Taming the AI Demon to sustain innovation, where he states that Machine Learning is a commodity. If you want to learn how to be successful in your AI journey, make sure you watch these very intriguing videos! One of the points Arnaud brings up during part… Read More »Export Control and Machine Learning (ML)

Applying AI/ML to Configuration Management

Aras CTO Rob McAveney presented the Aras Vision on Wednesday 11 November 2020 at the Aras Digital 2020 – Europe virtual event. During the Q&A he explained that AI/ML (artificial intelligence and machine learning) would change the way we do Impact Analysis. We either had the same ideas or Aras really listens when good ideas are shared.  A little over a year ago I created the picture in the header as part of… Read More »Applying AI/ML to Configuration Management